Regeneration Writers Press is dedicated to publishing works that give testimony to the power of writing to rekindle hopes, dreams, energy, and life itself. It emphasizes the authenticity of a writer’s voice and recognizes that our consciousness of reality is shaped in part by the stories we hear and read. For this reason, Regeneration Writers Press is dedicated to providing a vehicle for voices to be heard that have been silenced by ignorance, circumstances, oppression, neglect, and miseducation.

The original Regeneration Writers consist of a group of twelve students who enrolled in three consecutive writing classes in the College of Continuing Studies of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia during the 2008-2009 academic year. Together these students produced a landmark publication for undergraduate adult education students—a 288-page journal of creative writing entitled Regeneration.
The theme of regeneration surfaced over and over again in the writings of these students. Inspired by classmate Andrew Legare’s poetic essay written while he was on Georgia’s death row, artist Yvonne Gabriel sought to recreate on canvas the miracle of the plant that managed to germinate in the harsh and hostile environment of a small crack in the cement prison yard. The David-and-Goliath image of a tender plant breaking through almost impenetrably hard cement is repeated in Margaret Eskew’s “Sonnet on Foucault,” signaling regeneration at incredible odds—the very theme that emanates from many of the selections in this book, giving rise to its title, Regeneration.
From this class and from their book came the raison d’être for Regeneration Writers Press.